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Wednesday, September 14, 2011
This is Neverland

Yesterday school started again.
And I was positive about it that I'll be in a good class with my friends.
But oh no, some teacher decided to throw me in a class where I don't know anybody.
My whole class is still the same expect for me who got into another class.
Thats totally fucked up, because there is no fucking system behind it.
I'd understand if it would be a complete language class but not everyone has a language in that class so it wouldn't change anything if I'd be in another class.
Everyone around me was so sad looking yesterday and I tried to look fine and confident, but when I got home I started crying. I talked to my mom about it and even she said that its not fair and that she will support me.
I guess she knows how much I suffer at the moment.
Well today I'll try to talk with a teacher about it.
If its not working my mom will talk with them.
She gave me some tips for that.
She even said I could drive the drama tour and shit. haha oh mom ♥

Well for something else I'm thinking about haircuts lately...that I maybe should get a fringe that is straight...well I guess it would fit me since I've already had it but my fringe right now is super long...oh well...

everything is so fucked up at the moment
my life, my family, my school and yet I can't make it stop.
I guess if I'll have to stay in that ugly class I surely break in.


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