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Thursday, August 2, 2012

I was always so lost.
Even now I'm still wondering where I really belong.


A few months ago so many things changed in my life and I'm not sure if I'm now done with sorting out and organizing everything, or if I'm just getting used to everything.
But it definitely feels like something new is coming up.
With all these changes.
The major change being my house moving.
I'm ready for this. I'll get energy out of this.
And I don't need anyone to tell me I'm right because I know I fucking am !
I considered my life as a mess I can't figure out.
I know there are a lot of things wrong here and there but I'll make it somehow.
But the big deal is that I'm done with all my "friends" I mean not everyone here and there I made some new friends and they are dear to me but some of those people I considered as a "friend" are just plain poison for me.
How often I sat at home because someone dumped me in the last minute. How often I waited for something that most likely would never happen. I'll still keep in contact with these people but I wont consider them as a friend anymore.
I'm just too fed up with people taking me for granted and not giving a single shit about me when I'm at my lowest. They don't deserve me at my best.

ねえ 聴いておくれよほんの少しだけ立ち止まってさあ
La la la, la la la 僕らはうたうそれぞれ違う空の下で

And I'd like to thank my little one ♥




Liam | 18

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