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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I would freeze if I had a heart.

I'm certainly not the biggest poet of all time. My words are quite vulgar and I'm not ashamed of it.
Most of the times I can't keep my mouth shut when its best and I end up hurting myself by speaking. But whats most important are my words unspoken. I'm sadly such a monochrome guy. I wish i could keep my world simple and clean without people interacting. I wish it was easy as that.
I always considered myself as a failure who's caught up by some rare glimpse of light.
I never thought about the facts whether I reflect wrong to other people. Always thinking the worst of you surely isn't one of the best things I can clearly state but neither did people tell me otherwise. Usually I'm torn apart between th constant feeling of hiding myself and exposing my dirty face to everyone so they can see how good they are.
I'm willing to give my all for a certain person if it rewarded. But why do you keep on fighting for something thats long gone ? Maybe I'm really just a useless dreamer.
People don't understand me and they don't care if there's more of a person willing to come out. They're fine with what they get if its good or bad.
However much I try to keep in contact with people they don't seem to cling to me. Like sand they gush through my bare hands.
Sometimes I wish i could burry myself under all my blankets and never come out again. The reason why i wont do that is because I have some responsibilities, not people that care for me. They simply won't worry.
I'm a broken little dram that was long over. And now I'm lying in ashes.






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